Is Business the Only Alternative for the Youth?

High unemployment and rising population

Recently the world population reached eight billion and in the business world that really might be an asset.

Specifically, India holds the world’s second-largest population rank yet still has over 75% of the population holding just the 25% of the economy. The economic gap between such a small and large population of India keeps expanding eventually. Who is to say that there is good availability of jobs for the youth of India to take the country ahead? No one.

The whole point of bringing poverty up is to show that there isn’t enough employment for the youth with good pay that validates the efforts that were taken by that person to achieve whatsoever degree they chose. This remains them with other options among business.

Why choose Business?

As it may sound like the most convenient option for the youth it might not be the easiest option. Business requires financial leaps to be taken by the entrepreneur so that it excels in its form. But do they have enough money to do so even though their ideas and outputs might make millions?


They start with small internships, working with other owners, and part-time jobs to make the money to cover all dues. Despite Vineeta Singh being a great model for them in the terms of running a successful company, what one might be unaware of is the rite of passage and scarcity and choice that comes along with taking a monetary risk. The risk would have its pros and cons and the one who can afford and has contingencies to take them.

 One might ask isn’t there a good side since we might end up earning well throughout the process, agreed isn’t there. Though the whole process asks for risks to be taken at the end of the day it might end up benefitting you. Similar to taking the effort to make this delicious dessert for the first time but you have no idea how is it going to turn out except for giving it a try.

In all, yes business remains an option for the youth and they can choose it but it can differ on economic, social, knowledge background, and more. Having a business is an option that might turn the tables for a person with their unique ideas but it stands still on a risk.